Your Impact

Know your strengths that people admire and double down on them.

Self-Assessment & Feedback:

The Only Way to Truly Know Your Strengths

Only people around you can tell whether they feel inspired, or led by you; Or they feel you have high integrity,  you listen to them very attentively. Learn what people admire you for, and make them your superpowers. 

Your Super Power =

Your Strengths + Your skills to use them


Anonymous Feedback

Receive anonymous personalized feedback from your network and access learning resources designed to maximize the advantage of your superpowers.

AI Personal Coach

Speak with your skill coach in your pocket whenever you have a situation. It will guide you on which of your superpowers are needed in that particular situation.

Improve vital skills

Engage with bite-size tips on how soft skills can make or break situations. Improve one skill every week, and add it to your arsenal.

Transform Your Soft Skills Toolkit

Master the most in-demand soft skills to excel in the era of AI to future-proof your career.

Effective Commincation

Team Work

Emotional Intelligence



Time Management

Problem Solving

Cultural Sensitivity